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mutual aid

Mutual Aid Network: a self-directed network in which people’s needs are met by their community(s) rather than by individual or family units, capitalists, or the state.

This could include things like redistribution of wealth, but it goes far beyond that to an understanding of self-direction as a human right and a rejection of bourgeois charity models and social democracy.


The best mutual aid networks remove themselves from the capitalist systems of production as much as possible, relying on community skill, resources, and organized actions to serve the most need for the least resources.

Mutual Aid networks prepare people for self-direction by training them in the skills necessary for the people to manage their own production and distribution, conflict resolution, and accountability processes.


The point of mutual aid is that you strengthen your community and your relationship with it. A network that relies too heavily on the capitalist system will be subjected more severely to the tides of capitalist economics.

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