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firearms training

As part of our commitment to community defense, CROW does training in firearms, from basic to advanced shooting and tactics.

We take discipline with firearms very seriously, so no fooling around is tolerated at training events. We keep the information private and vet guests for the safety of all who attend.

Training is by appointment and can cover as much or as little as we have time for in the session. The typical first session covers everything in the Firearms Basics PDF to the right, as well as some basic drills to practice. As shooters become more advanced, we adjust their lessons to continue challenging them to improve.

Basic training videos

Watch these videos critically. We do not endorse the views or politics of most of the individuals shown, we take what we need and discard the rest.

The point is to get the training information out there. Unfortunately, the people who have access to good guns, cameras, and land to train on tend to be colonizer fascists.