stand up, fight back!


CROW's defense programs are designed to cover the obvious and not-so-obvious defense needs of all exploited and colonized communities. Self-defense and firearms are a given, and we encourage all our members familiarize themselves with at least the basics. However, we also need to build up cadre with strong political educations, an understanding of self-determination, discipline, and class consciousness to be the faithful servants of the people. 

We need communities secure in homes, with food on the table, and the health to live life. We need communities capable of self-organizing in response to and in preparation of disasters. We need communities safe from the threats of fascists, racists, sexists, colonizers, and capitalists. We need people capable of fighting for and defending their victories from far-right and fascist reaction and capitalism's systemic and consistently imposed offensives. We need a society that won't be bought into imperialist exploitation by shiny cars or smart devices.

We aim to bring training, tools, and organizing to any community that asks us. We wish to cooperate with any and all existing organizations dedicated to working class, anti-colonial, anti-capitalist defense and offer whatever support to them we can.

E-mail us to schedule a training session.