to build resilient communities

The CROW Skills Training Program is designed to create stronger, more resilient communities by teaching people to do things they might otherwise have to depend on a corporation or government service before. We connect this to our outreach efforts by teaching people to garden and helping to establish community and home gardens, which can then help support their own communities.

Our volunteers teach what they are passionate about, and events can be found on the Events page. They give their time and labor to solve somebody's immediate problem while also offering instruction to other members of our community who may need to know that skill themselves at some point.

Our training events are held at any location with adequate facilities for each event or in the homes of those seeking help resolving an immediate issue. We vet our sources for weeks before assigning them time. Training ranges from gardening and sewing to graphic design to firearms and first-aid response. However, our ability to host these events is limited by costs.

If you would like to volunteer your services in skills training, OR you want to suggest an event,

please contact us.