The overall goal of outreach is building solidarity, as opposed to repeating the same broken bourgeois charity model. Training people for self-direction must be involved on some level, whether formally or informally, and programs should empower people to understand their historical situation and class relationships to others and the means of production. They should lessen the demands of basic needs on people, and help free them to do more with their lives than survive.


The CROW Free Store is a service for the homeless, unemployed, and working poor to acquire basic necessities free of charge and according to their need. We try to find specific items as they are requested. We provide this as an alternative to organizations which collect money for charity while also paying board members, officers, and committees. CROW does not pay its members, we are a 100% volunteer organization.

Call us at 813.708.9790 or send us an e-mail to schedule an event or for more info!

Commonly needed items include:



-Baby Products



-Bath Soap


-Toilet Paper



-Bottled Water




-Tote Bags




We also provide people who receive our services with information regarding the services of other organizations and help them sign up when we can. If you represent an organization, please get in touch with us about what you provide and how we can connect people with your services.

We provide educational and social events for the non-member community to get to know us and what we're about in a casual setting. These events could be movie nights, mealshares, fundraisers, etc. and will be as democratic as people choose to involve themselves.

We give information, organizing space and tools to workers so that they can better combat the anti-worker capitalist agenda and make real gains in standard of living which will free more of their time and energy for the revolutionary cause.

We would like to be able to offer more, but we are limited by class, number, time, and resources. We would like to support and/or establish bail funds, safehouse networks for women, children, LGBTQ+, and immigrants, free ride programs for marginalized groups trying to get what they need, community disaster resilience initiatives, and more!

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