About Us

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i communism

  • Organize the working class for increased resilience, self-defense, and self-direction, with the ultimate goal of seizing the means of production

  • Planned, sustainable economy with production oriented to guarantee human needs, not greed

  • Anti-imperialist struggle, rejection of social democracy, which maintains the capitalist-imperialist and settler-colonial systems of oppression

  • Rigorous political education to improve ideological and practical understanding, maximize revolutionary potential of the working class, and develop a mass line

ii decolonization

  • Recognition of the crimes of settler-colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism against Indigenous peoples of the world

  • Restoration of Indigenous sovereignty, full land rights, and other reparations to be decided by the peoples liberating themselves

  • Dissolution of settler borders and self-determination for all Indigenous peoples

  • Rejection of the settler-colonial systems of politics, gender, race, ecology, work, etc.

iii abolition

  • Abolish prisons, police, and ICE and replace them with resilient, welcoming, safe, and inclusive communities free from exploitation —address problems from the root

  • Abolish capitalism and all its supporting structures (capitalist property, settler-colonialism, imperialism, sexism, racism, ableism, etc.) which pose a threat to peace and self-determination, as well as the stability of the ecosystems we are a part of

  • Abolish all forms of class society through class struggle and cultural revolution

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