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What Are Our Goals?

The purpose of our organization is to establish outreach, training, and educational efforts aimed at advancing an anti-colonial agenda, to promote community defense, self-direction, liberation of colonized peoples, critical social analysis, and socialism, and to resist all efforts for the advancement of fascism.


We want to create a world in which all forms of exploitation and oppression are eliminated or under attack; in which the decisions which affect groups of people are debated and undertaken by those same people; and in which self-direction is a material reality for all communities that have been historically marginalized.

Founded in occupied Seminole Lands in April 2018, we establish presence wherever our support grows. Our strategies include education and agitation campaigns, workplace and community organizing, acts of omission to direct action. We believe in fighting for liberation and resisting fascism by any means necessary.

Learn about CROW's structure here.

our platform

i communism

-Organize the working class for increased resilience, self-defense, and self-direction, with the ultimate goal of seizing the means of production

-Planned, sustainable economy with production oriented to guarantee human needs, not greed

-Anti-imperialist struggle, rejection of social democracy, which maintains the capitalist-imperialist and settler-colonial systems of oppression

-Rigorous political education to improve ideological and practical understanding, maximize revolutionary potential of the working class, and develop a mass line

ii decolonization

-Recognition of the crimes of settler-colonialism, imperialism, and capitalism against Indigenous peoples of the world

-Restoration of Indigenous sovereignty, full land rights, and other reparations to be decided by the peoples liberating themselves

-Dissolution of settler borders and self-determination for all Indigenous peoples

-Rejection of the settler-colonial systems of politics, gender, race, ecology, work, etc.

iii abolition

-Abolish prisons, police, and ICE and replace them with resilient, welcoming, safe, and inclusive communities free from exploitation - address problems from the root

-Abolish capitalism and all its supporting structures (capitalist property, settler-colonialism, imperialism, sexism, racism, ableism, etc.) which pose a threat to peace and self-determination, as well as the stability of the ecosystems we are a part of

-Abolish all forms of class society through class struggle and cultural revolution

CROW Central Committee

Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Outreach

Secretary of Education

Secretary General


What We Do







3 levels of involvement

advisory board


-Be voted in by current members

-Advise us whenever you can

-Follow the bylaws and remain consistent with our purpose and platform

general congress


-Attend meetings as often as possible

-Complete new member orientation and volunteer with us for 6 months

-Follow the bylaws and remain consistent with our purpose and platform

central committee


-Dedicate extensive labor to the organization

-Engage in additional training and education

-Attend meetings as often as possible

-Complete new member orientation and volunteer with us for 6 months

-Follow the bylaws and remain consistent with our purpose and platform

Send us an e-mail

with your full name, city and state, and a short explanation of what you'd like to accomplish in CROW

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